Category: OOTD

  • Shut yo mouth.

    I was in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. A friend picked me up from the airport and immediately said, “We should get lunch but I also have to buy a new pair of shoes, is that OK?” Food and shoes. Hmmm. Let me think about that one. Then she proceeded to warn me […]

  • Manic stannic.

    (Stannic means of or containing tin, I was reaching hard for a pun on my metallic shirt. I should have just called Eric Furst.) I almost returned this Simply Be shirt. I was specifically looking for a gold metallic shirt, not gold glitter, not gold sequin. It was listed as gold. It is pewter at […]

  • Evening constitutional.

    As much as daylight savings has kicked my ass in the “getting up on time even though it’s dark as shit” department, I am supremely thankful to have evening walks back on the menu. While getting ready to go out on this one, I noticed Vince was wearing the shirt my friend Lizzie gave him […]

  • Check Mate.

    It was a bad hair day and my eyeballs were figuratively thirsty little desert planets that instantly sucked the moisture from my contacts, hence the glasses. I gotta say, as much as I love the vintage look on other people, I always have mixed emotions about adding it into my own style repertoire. This is […]

  • Ring Around The Rosie

    Circle skirts. For someone who is in the process of becoming a little less circular, this was almost a hard sell for me. Now that I have more of a defined body shape, I really haven’t wanted to cover it up or do anything to make it look bigger because, for once, it would actually […]

  • Colorblock Comeback

    Don’t call it a comeback. Call it trying to overcome some major fashion blogger obstacles. One, I am running out of clothes that fit since I’ve lost weight, which is great but UGH. It’s a transition and like all others, it partly just sucks. Two, my hair is doing some fucking weird and crazy things. […]

  • Vintage Anniversary

    Hubs and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary in one of our favorite places, Pismo Beach. We always like to go out to one super fancy dinner and this is THE fancy dress in my closet. Not to say it’s the only one, but it is certainly a fan favorite and a great way […]

  • Catty Pants

    Soooo I did it. I bought harem pants. During my last shopping spree at Forever 21, I tried on these leopard harem pants with the lowest of expectations, almost as a gag. And maybe I was really in need of a nap because the comfort level of these pants made me want to curl up […]

  • Gilded As Charged

    Kid you not, I literally had this gold trimmed skirt from ASOS on my wishlist for months. I watched it get marked further and further down, sure that my size would sell out any day. Finally I bought it and it’s everything I ever dreamed it would be. Gold accents are one thing but foiled […]

  • Weird Weather Wear

    If you’re on my side of the bay, you’ve been experiencing some gloomy yet seasonably warm weather for the past few days. This is quite possibly the most annoying weather for me, fashion-wise. The air is moist and dense, begging for tank tops and shorts, while the sporadic breeze will send a chill up your […]