Purple reign.

purple3Prints have been taking up space in my fashion consciousness as of late. I needed reminding that solids can be just as bold. Yes, it is all about the styling but the cut is a close second.

purple4For one, this is a whole lotta purple. Add to that the midi hem, fluted skirt and bracelet-length sleeves and this Eloquii dress is just a knockout. I passed it up a few times in my shopping, thinking maybe I couldn’t pull off the shape. Full disclosure, I Spanxed it up for the inaugural wearing, but I didn’t even need it. Scuba is miraculous like that.

purple1Greige (that’s gray and beige having a baby) booties, an old Macy’s necklace I have almost gotten rid of many times because it’s a TAD much, and my final sale Juicy Couture wild thing bag give this look a taste of colorblock with an animal print chaser.






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  1. […] I already knew I was going to go with a bold blue lip to tie in the shoes but then, oh that madness and her banshee voice—YOU HAVE A MATCHING NECKLACE BETCH OMG. I actually totes forgot. It’s been quite a while since I have featured it. […]