Courage Level: Crop Top


I bought this crop top from Eloquii a while ago assuming that it would be a normal top on my infinitely short torso. Not so. Legit skin belt action happening. Below is the dry run.


I had indeed lucked out because I just bought these pants which would go onto support many other crop tops and crop sweaters but still. This is a new step. Forget the fatkini. This is a fat woman showing skin in the daytime without the backdrop of a majestic ocean and sprawling sands to distract scrutinizing eyes. But guess what? Like every single one of my other fashion experiments, no one really curr. And anyone with the balls to say anything to me said it in the form of a compliment.


Well, except one not-so-privvy-to-fashion-perhaps-because-shes-from-the-central-valley friend of mine who tried to pull it down because she just thought it was a normal shirt gone rouge and riding up. And me already gearing up on the defensive because of course someone is going to pick on the fat kid (like they do), I immediately slap her hand away and scream THATS THE STYLE, FRESNO. Nice. A chip on the shoulder is always a winning accessory. Also, how bout them nurse sandals? I kinda hate Birks but I love the comfy sandal trend (because thank god its now cool to NOT torture your feet, that’s pretty sweet). I got these Easy Spirits (literally, they are Easy Spirits shut up) from Goodwill on Height. I came in to do some Instagramming when I was the Editorial Director for Goodwill Corporate for a whopping 30 days. In fact, tomorrow marks one year from the day I was laid off. Fuck, I loved that job. Ugh. At least I got some shoes out of it.

Top: Eloquii
Necklace: INPINK






2 responses to “Courage Level: Crop Top”

  1. caitlin Avatar

    You look so cute!

  2. FairFawn Avatar

    Diggin that crop girl, super brave. I can’t even get myself to wear a Bernie Dexter crop top and that almost looks like one of her dresses. You got kahunas! 🙂 your rockin it!