Category: OOTD

  • Imperfect Prep

    My jacket collection has been the central focus of my wardrobe building as of late and I am beyond stoked to add this bright little baby from Lane Bryant to my closet. I’ve also been a little obsessed with black and white looks but I just love what happens when you throw colored summer jackets […]

  • Prints Please!

    Creating an outfit with mixed prints can be risky business. The handbook on play-it-safe fashion will caution you to pair solid tops with printed bottoms and vice versa. Personally, I’m not a fan of safe but I also know too much of a good thing can end up looking like a hot mess. My rule […]

  • Wonder Palette

    It’s been a while since I have color blocked and it is still one of my favorite trends. This color combo is what I like to call The Wonder Woman–golden yellow, cobalt blue, and fire engine red. The v-neck shirt and skinny jeans are chic yet basic pieces so I had a little wiggle room […]

  • Rough Around The Edges

    After putting together a few ultra-girly outfits, my inner 16-year-old punk always wants to scramble to the surface. Out came this military-inspired look with some edgy twists. The inspiration of course is this FEED USA tank top from Target. Add a zipper-pocket jean skirt and some leopard booties and I was instantly ready for a […]

  • Beat The Heat

    Good god am I ready for this heatwave to be over. My curling iron is collecting dust and honestly, I’m just not a fan of having to shave my legs often enough to show them every damn day. But I was determined not to let the rising temps prevent me from getting properly primped for […]

  • Girls Night Out

    The lifeblood to a new mother is indeed the rare and coveted girls night out. Our destination for the evening was a bowling alley, which may sound a little unglamorous but if you think about it, the act of bowling requires a calculated walk that shows off your butt AND if you’re drunk enough those […]

  • Color Crush: Red And Green

    Maybe it’s my love for Christmas or maybe it’s just my gut instinct to pair opposing sides of the color wheel, but I love me some red and green. I really try not to make it all yule tide-y by going with more coral reds and not-so-evergreen greens. With this look, however, I really wanted […]

  • Paint The Town Purple

    If you are half of a couple living in the SF Bay area and you need a little kick in the ass when it comes to planning date nights, my experience thus far with How About We for couples has been pretty satisfactory. Not only are do they offer some real savings, they coordinate with […]

  • Instachic: The Dolman Cardigan

    You read other fashion blogs, I’m sure. So you know how impeccable some of these personal stylistas seem to look every single day. But I guarantee you, we all have our scrambling days when makeup isn’t an option, there is no time for a flat iron, and we are even lucky we found our other […]

  • Leopard Lady

    This Monroe And Main dress was the first piece of clothing I bought for myself after my son was born. What else could revive my fashion sense and remind me how goddamn fierce I am than a leopard maxi dress? I’m 5’1″ and I really don’t care that maxi dresses are made for taller women. […]