Ring Around The Rosie


Circle skirts. For someone who is in the process of becoming a little less circular, this was almost a hard sell for me. Now that I have more of a defined body shape, I really haven’t wanted to cover it up or do anything to make it look bigger because, for once, it would actually make a difference.

However, I have a serious SERIOUS Eloquii addiction (I probably check the site at least once a week, damn them). And they are totally touting this bouncy, flouncy little sneak peak into spring fashion.


And yeah, it was cold that day. Blustery, in fact. If only I could have had the pictures taken on my walk to work because the skirt was getting some serious movement in the wind. I felt loud, ridiculous and fabulous like André Leon Talley. I haven’t felt like that since I was eight months pregnant and my favorite piece of clothing was a leopard cape that I paired with the world’s largest mixed metal spike bracelet. I too was large…and fucking in charge. Which leads me to talk about what happens when we get smaller.

Those close to me have heard me talk about how weightloss isn’t all roses. If you are fat and you learn to love your body, guess what you have to do all over again when your body changes? There were things that just worked for my face and body shape and now some of my regular go-tos in hair, makeup, and clothing aren’t really cutting it. My size had some grandiosity to it and I find that that, too, is melting away with the fat. So getting some of that back with this giant, bright skirt was pretty nice.