Check Mate.


It was a bad hair day and my eyeballs were figuratively thirsty little desert planets that instantly sucked the moisture from my contacts, hence the glasses. I gotta say, as much as I love the vintage look on other people, I always have mixed emotions about adding it into my own style repertoire. This is mainly because it looks best when fully committed to and I’m just too much of a grunge kid to pull off the immaculate details. The big soft curls, the red lip and perfectly winged eye. If a spirit animal could be a giant floating smudgy smokey eye, it would be mine.


Unkempt is always an element of my look and the ladies of the 50s were anything but. You should see this picture of my grandma walking my two-year-old mom down the street on a regular fucking Saturday just out for some ice cream (which was smeared all over my mom’s little face). It looks like a goddamn Vogue editorial. Women, MOTHERS for fuck’s sake, dressed like that all the time. No wonder so many housewives drank. I’d probably crack under the pressure, too.

Anyway. I did feel this look was a good balance of classic (the silhouette) and modern (the mixed prints). That top is scuba, which many of you know I fucking worship. Although I never appreciated it as much when I didn’t have to participate in a super sweaty BART ride twice daily. Wearing a top that is basically bathing suit material is about the only thing that keeps me from melting. It’s awesome.

P.S. Here’s me getting startled by a pigeon. (Pigeon not pictured).