Manic stannic.


(Stannic means of or containing tin, I was reaching hard for a pun on my metallic shirt. I should have just called Eric Furst.) I almost returned this Simply Be shirt. I was specifically looking for a gold metallic shirt, not gold glitter, not gold sequin. It was listed as gold. It is pewter at best, straight up gunmetal at worst. So frustrating. (First World Problems.)

But anyway, I gave it a shot (mostly because I missed the return window) and I officially like it. Was a tad nervous about wearing it to work but it’s not like my sarcastically sassy, should-be-a-male-model boss doesn’t already like to give me shit for being “a walking disco ball” and I respond by informing him his use of the word “ball” is fat shaming and then he lets me have some of his wine and we’re good.


My lovely social media manager was also looking fly as hell that day so I asked her to jump on in. Her black on black is on point with cap-toe flats and a jeweled necklace. In fact, I am hereby challenging myself to whip up my own all-black look for the blog. (I’ve done it before, don’t worry. I won’t hurt myself.) But not this week. This week, I discovered Cotton On and I’ve got an outfit planned around that whopping $30 haul. Stay tuned.





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  1. Caitlin Avatar

    You never cease to make me laugh, girl! “Sarcastically sassy, should-be-a-male-model boss” is the perfect way to describe Zach. Thanks for the feature! Can’t wait to see your black-on-black look…I’m sure it will be FIERCE.