Versatile reality.


My favorite part about this outfit, other than how fucking svelte I felt in it was asking people, “You like my dress?” them saying “Yas.” and me lifting up the shirt to reveal just an inch of belly and saying “Cuz it’s not a dress!”

midi2One, there are few things in life more satisfying than being sneaky (my BFF has heard me say this MANY times while taking her out on top secret beer runs or playing games of Sardines). Two, I guess I just like showing my belly these days? Three, and more importantly, I can’t wait to mix these Eloquii separates into my wardrobe. Graphic, floral, black and white, this skirt and shirt take on some major trends of the season all at once while managing to keep it classy yet sassy. Good god, they’re brilliant.

Back to the outfit, officially another mixed print if you count the tie-dye mock TOMS, which why wouldn’t you? You’re a nice person. You’d throw me a bone. I thought with this much black and white, two color pops in the necklace and shoes was called for. Oh…I forgot about my face. That too. But that’s a given. I’m also wearing my newest favorite piece of jewelry, a Lokai bracelet.


Why is this plastic bracelet so special? It’s what’s inside that counts. I could only make it sound corny so I’ll let the good people at Lokai tell the story. But I love the symbolism. I also love that the first thing my Datahead husband said when I told him about it was, “I bet those balls are filled with pee. Way to throw away 18 bucks.” He’s a gem.

I’ll end with one more shot of me hamming it up.







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