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  • For Pizza’s Sake

    For Pizza’s Sake

    Wearing swimsuits in the winter is not as ridiculous as you think.

  • Crop it like it’s hot.

    Crop it like it’s hot.

    This outfit couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, what with the whole O Magazine body shaming snafu. And from a man? Seriously, editors? You thought it might be a good idea to let someone tell us what NOT to wear AND that someone should have a dick, too? GIRL BYE. I have come […]

  • We all live in a yellow circle skirt.

    We all live in a yellow circle skirt.

    I’ve had this t-shirt for years, cut the neck off long ago but it SOMEHOW didn’t occur to me to turn this fucker into a crop top right quick to pull off one of my favorite style combos: rock tee/jeweled necklace/skirt YASSNESS. Twirling is the new twerking. Come correct. Also LOOK AT THESE GLASSESSSSSS JUST […]

  • Beat The Heat

    Good god am I ready for this heatwave to be over. My curling iron is collecting dust and honestly, I’m just not a fan of having to shave my legs often enough to show them every damn day. But I was determined not to let the rising temps prevent me from getting properly primped for […]

  • Metal Mashup

    Very few jewelry trends can take you from season to season quite like mixed metal jewelry. Throwing together your favorite pieces in gold, silver and copper offers a richness that is perfect for winter and the vibrancy that summer requires. Personally, I adore burnt copper since it really suits my skin tone. So I am […]