Beat The Heat

Striped skirt

Good god am I ready for this heatwave to be over. My curling iron is collecting dust and honestly, I’m just not a fan of having to shave my legs often enough to show them every damn day. But I was determined not to let the rising temps prevent me from getting properly primped for a well-deserved dinner and movie date night with hubs. Fittingly, we saw The Heat. You should too.

This Old Navy striped skirt was actually a last-minute purchase and it just happened to perfectly match a tank I already had in the closet. Rust and purple are one of my favorite color combos so I went with pointed flats, a sparkling drawstring bracelet, and a geode ring all in purple. Just excuse my messy mint nails. They at least go with the color scheme but man do I need a mani. And how do you like that geometric plate necklace from Forever 21? I had been dying to wear it!





One response to “Beat The Heat”

  1. Jules Avatar

    LOL I hear you on shaving your legs. It’s the most annoying thing to do, isn’t it? Love this flouncy skirt on you.


    Jules of Canines & Couture