Metal Mashup

Mixed Metal Jewelry

Very few jewelry trends can take you from season to season quite like mixed metal jewelry. Throwing together your favorite pieces in gold, silver and copper offers a richness that is perfect for winter and the vibrancy that summer requires.

Personally, I adore burnt copper since it really suits my skin tone. So I am naturally pretty taken with my Forever 21 bib necklace. The last Valentine’s gift I got from my hubs was this gorgeous Vince Camuto watch in hematite with rose gold-tone pyramid stud links. It goes just perfectly with such a statement necklace while making a little splash of its own. Stacked with the watch is a gorgeous burnt copper and gold ball wrap bracelet from INPINK. What is your favorite metal mix?

Vince Camuto Watch






One response to “Metal Mashup”

  1. Jules Avatar

    That necklace! Swooooon.


    Jules of Canines & Couture