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  • Going out With a Bang

    Going out With a Bang

    I’m giving 2016 the long kiss goodnight with these super shiny NYE looks.

  • For Pizza’s Sake

    For Pizza’s Sake

    Wearing swimsuits in the winter is not as ridiculous as you think.

  • Imperfect Prep

    My jacket collection has been the central focus of my wardrobe building as of late and I am beyond stoked to add this bright little baby from Lane Bryant to my closet. I’ve also been a little obsessed with black and white looks but I just love what happens when you throw colored summer jackets […]

  • Wonder Palette

    It’s been a while since I have color blocked and it is still one of my favorite trends. This color combo is what I like to call The Wonder Woman–golden yellow, cobalt blue, and fire engine red. The v-neck shirt and skinny jeans are chic yet basic pieces so I had a little wiggle room […]

  • Girls Night Out

    The lifeblood to a new mother is indeed the rare and coveted girls night out. Our destination for the evening was a bowling alley, which may sound a little unglamorous but if you think about it, the act of bowling requires a calculated walk that shows off your butt AND if you’re drunk enough those […]