Girls Night Out

Target jacket

The lifeblood to a new mother is indeed the rare and coveted girls night out. Our destination for the evening was a bowling alley, which may sound a little unglamorous but if you think about it, the act of bowling requires a calculated walk that shows off your butt AND if you’re drunk enough those lanes can easily turn into catwalks.

Dressing to match the occasion is always an issue for me. Sometimes I’m just married to a certain look that, while fabulous, does not really go with the events of the evening. So I really wanted to focus on making this look comfortable and accessible yet still my own brand of sassy. I knew I would spend most of the night in bowling shoes so this was the perfect opportunity for a menswear-inspired look with boyfriend jeans and a structured jacket.

Spiked necklace

I love a healthy mix of femme and edgy and this printed jacket paired perfectly with a spiked necklace and ring set and my tried and true vintage watch stack.


Aaaand here’s an outtake that I just couldn’t help but share because my hair was so slamming.

What I’m Wearing:
Target printed jacket
Target T-strap sandals
INPINK necklace and ring set





One response to “Girls Night Out”

  1. Jules Avatar

    LOVE that jacket, Lady! Lookin’ fierce. Have fun bowling!


    Jules of Canines & Couture