FTM Tip #5: If Nothing Else, Red Lipstick And Sunglasses

Red Lipstick

If you’ve ever watched What Not To Wear, you probably remember the “five-minute face” part of the makeover. It’s definitely necessary to have a simple, natural-look makeup regiment for more everyday situations. But really, all a five-minute face does is make you not look like you’re running on four hours sleep and only crawling out of the house on a diaper run. Frazzled, rainy, overtired days really bum me out and a dose of fabulous is all the more needed. This is why sunglasses and red lipstick are one of my favorite pick-me-ups.

I actually picked up this tip after a pin-up class with the lovely Bettina May. You don’t need to fiddle with mascara and highlighting pencil when you have a big dark pair of chic sunglasses. I know it seems like hiding but you bought those shades because they make you look like a rock star. Your eyes being naked underneath shouldn’t make a difference! And a red lip goes with EV. RY. THING.

However, I do recommend consulting a professional to find the right red for you. Pop into a Sephora and let them match you with the perfect shade for your skin tone. Trust me, it makes a difference. They may even be able to recommend daytime and evening reds, if you want some variety.

What is your signature red lipstick shade?






One response to “FTM Tip #5: If Nothing Else, Red Lipstick And Sunglasses”

  1. Victoria Avatar

    Yay, lipstick and sunnies are of my favorite mommy “go-to” looks 😉 That, and leggings and a tunic, and you have Hot Mom Look #1 in my book. My fave red right now is by Tarte Lipsurgence called “Firey”. It’s a lovely, bold, matte red and I love it! No feathering, either. It works well with my lightish, pinkish skin tone. And yes, I got it at Sephora <3