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  • Why Moms Should Care Less About How They Look

    Why Moms Should Care Less About How They Look

    Here’s what you’re missing while you’re stuck in the mirror.

  • I blue myself.

    I blue myself.

    Bright skirts and blue lips was my exact mood that day.

  • Melon Chubby and the Infinite Fatness

    Melon Chubby and the Infinite Fatness

    This melon crop top from Rue 107 took center stage while my Clueless Ultra Matte Lip from ColourPop sang backup like a boss.

  • So happy toGOTHer.

    So happy toGOTHer.

    It started with a lipstick. A ColourPop matte Lippie Stix in Creature that has inspired me to play with my entire makeup look. From there, goth-infused fabulousness happened. A ghoulish, smokey green eye, a camel maxi skirt and a bondage-tastic gladiator sandal took even my normal edge levels up a notch and I think the […]

  • Am I Too Old For Black Lipstick?

    There are so many things I have been meaning to write about. After reading this post from The Anti-Diet Project this morning, I totally wanted to write a response but all I can really get out in an excited sputter is THIS THIS THIS: “…when you’re used to being invisible, it’s startling to suddenly be […]

  • FTM Tip #5: If Nothing Else, Red Lipstick And Sunglasses

    If you’ve ever watched What Not To Wear, you probably remember the “five-minute face” part of the makeover. It’s definitely necessary to have a simple, natural-look makeup regiment for more everyday situations. But really, all a five-minute face does is make you not look like you’re running on four hours sleep and only crawling out […]