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I’ve Got a New Complaint

I have two theories as to why I’ve been feeling all grunge-types of angsty lately. One, I’ve been REALLY into chokers and when they join forces with my shaggy baby bangs, I just see Courtney Love in the mirror. Two, I’m actually depressed. Literally. No punchline.

I’m gonna go with the former, at least long enough to cover this outfit. Then we can get real.

Lane Bryant Prabal Gurung plus size skirt

Ugh band tees and skirts. Did I ever tell you about the time I wore my un-cut, long and boxy AF Marilyn Manson shirt with a pink circle skirt for a solid week in college? Of course, I didn’t have the fucking sense to tuck it in or do anything to make it look at all good. I was just too stoked that I could, in theory, pair these two pieces of clothing I loved. I was just starting to wear women’s clothing on the reg at that point so there was a learning curve. Obviously.

In Utero shirt

Anyway, that was my first band tee/skirt combo and many other have followed sense. I feel like this is my Patronus outfit. This is the type of look that literally is me. It’s trash but its fancy trash?

Lane Bryant Prabal Gurung plus size skirt

OK so back to the real shit. I am now at the six-month mark since I quit my job and started freelancing and blogging full-time. My life is better in many ways. My life is worse in maybe a few more? It’s hard to tell. How can you really be objective about your own life? Either way, I’m having a tough time a lot of the time and this is something I haven’t said since a couple of years ago when I was trying to find a job that was the right fit after Vince was born. It’s just difficult to sit in and surrender to. It’s hard not to immediately get into fix-it mode. There might not be anything to fix. There may just be some adjusting on my part. In the meantime, I’ll keep doing what I know works–pairing band tees with skirts. 😉

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