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  • I’ve Got a New Complaint

    I’ve Got a New Complaint

    Channeling all the angst in my In Utero shirt and lace-up skirt.

  • The Betrayal: Body Positive and Losing Weight

    The Betrayal: Body Positive and Losing Weight

    When I think of plus-size role models or icons, I always think back to Roseanne. She was maybe the first fat woman I remember seeing on TV who had most of the shit woman are supposed to want–a husband, kids, a house, a job. She had friends, was well liked and was even hit on […]

  • Am I Too Old For Black Lipstick?

    There are so many things I have been meaning to write about. After reading this post from The Anti-Diet Project this morning, I totally wanted to write a response but all I can really get out in an excited sputter is THIS THIS THIS: “…when you’re used to being invisible, it’s startling to suddenly be […]

  • I did it. I bought a Fatkini. And I love it.

    So. Quite the way to say hi to y’all after another long absence. But camping trips and summer parties will be here before I know it and it was definitely time for a swim wear upgrade. Or I guess down grade since the issue was needing a smaller size. Don’t get me wrong. Going from […]

  • Fashion Confessional: My Worst Wardrobe Habits

    Ten years is indeed a lifetime when it comes to your closet. Obviously trends change dramatically in a decade but what about your tastes, your figure, your lifestyle? Ten years ago I was a sophomore in college, I LOATHED my body, and my clothes had an entirely different purpose than they do today. They were […]

  • Love Won’t Save You From Mistakes

    If you follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed a heated argument between me and a follower, who is actually my oldest IRL friend, after I posted a picture of my son, used male pronouns, and called him a “little man.” They asked me how I could gender my child so early. I found myself […]

  • Things I Never Thought About When Buying Baby Shower Gifts

    *Sigh* This is a delicate subject. Looking a gift horse in the mouth always is. Before you decide that I am spitting in the face of my loved ones for their very well meaning but ultimately failing gifts, I have to cut them a little slack because these are points that never even occurred to […]