Author: mamafierce

  • Notorious

    Sweatshirts are definitely near the top of my list of most unflattering pieces of clothing. A few snips at the neck and sleeves are all I needed to turn this awesome men’s Notorious BIG sweatshirt into a sick slouchy tee. Old school meets new fashion. The gold swan flats are also from Urban (similar here). […]

  • FTM Tip #2: Get Out NOW

    First off, I have to clarify my usage of the term “full-time mom.” Whether you have a paying job, whether that job is 20, 40, or even 60 hours a week, we are all full-time moms. However if calling myself a stay-at-home mom even remotely subconsciously suggests to me that I should stay in my […]

  • Country Dots

    I was invited to a white party this Memorial Day weekend, which is something I have only ever seen on episodes of Real Housewives. So natch, I was all about it. My first thought was how I could create a look around these amazing white fringe cowgirl boots I found in my husband’s grandmother’s hoarder […]

  • FTM Tip #1: Phat Beatz

    I’m currently in month four of a whopping six-month maternity leave and before the baby even popped out, I found myself bored stupid and Googling “bored maternity leave.” If you’ve done the same, you will find many a discussion thread of great but generally repetitive tips on how not to kill yourself slowly with compulsive […]

  • Abstract Prints And Spikes

    Even when my day calls for a casual look (which is like everyday on maternity leave), I have to inject some edge into my outfit. It is really the only way for me to feel like I am actually wearing clothes and not a burlap sack. This drawstring dress by DKNY Jeans is equal parts […]

  • Everyday Sparkle

    Inaugural post! So exciting. First, a quick mission statement. This blog is for new mommies that need a little motivation and/or inspiration to keep their stylish juices flowing while raising a tiny human being. Sounds like a tall order but I know it’s possible and totally worth it. When you look good, you feel good […]