FTM Tip #3: Use Dry Shampoo

Rockaholic dry shampoo

If you have resisted using dry shampoo thus far, there is no better time than becoming a new mom to knock that shit off. Seriously, dry shampoo was amazing before I had a baby and now it’s a fucking lifeline.

More and more women are washing their hair less and less. Washing every day can make your hair even greasier by rinsing away essential oils that your scalp then works overtime to replace. If you didn’t know that, you’re welcome. However it does take time for your hair to become balanced after cutting down washes so using dry shampoo will definitely help you not look like you dipped your dome in Vaseline. You know, just for lolz.

But we all know the REAL reason for using dry shampoo is how much babies just love to gobble up your shower time. They must really like the smell of morning breath and butt because I know my kid doesn’t seem to give a crap about what I’m doing unless I’m, god forbid, trying not to look like a Garbage Pale Kid before I leave the house. It’s as if he knows he is forced to wear shapeless, unflattering clothes which he usually barfs and craps on and he’s just trying to get even.

By the way, I love Rockaholic dry shampoo by Tigi which has a pleasant but subtle smell and no waxy residue like a lot of dry shampoos tend to do. I also recommend Redken’s dry shampoo which literally has no smell at all, which is great if you are trying to de-grease the man in your life.








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  1. Caitlin Avatar

    Pssst is great too! You can find it at Ulta for buy one get one free every so often too which makes it a steal.