Leopard Lady

Leopard maxi dress

This Monroe And Main dress was the first piece of clothing I bought for myself after my son was born. What else could revive my fashion sense and remind me how goddamn fierce I am than a leopard maxi dress? I’m 5’1″ and I really don’t care that maxi dresses are made for taller women. I refuse to miss out on long lines just because I myself am not long.

Leopard dress
Try’na be all high fashion in the sun. With my cat. WERQ.

Speaking of long lines, that Forever 21 bib necklace is practically made for this look. However, copper on brown and tan leopard print can get a little muted so I definitely needed a pop care of my INPINK red bone bracelet (similar here).









2 responses to “Leopard Lady”

  1. Jules Avatar

    Ooo Lovin’ you in that leopard maxi. You look great! You accessorized it great too.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

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