Maria Paulina mini dress

Them Bones

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you–you receive birthday and Christmas presents from a few different people but start to notice a theme emerging. Then after the tenth present with the same theme, someone finally says, “I know you like these. I see you with them all the time.” That is apparently the story of how I ended up with everything skull and skeleton when I was in high school. To me, I maybe wore the same Misfits shirt every day and had ONE purse with a skull and crossbones on it but I never thought to myself gee I fucking love bones cover my life in bones pleece. But yeah. I guess I gravitated.

Skeleton bracelet

This bracelet is bad ass, I must say. I actually bought it a long time ago and almost didn’t include it in this look until I saw it shining from under a pile of jewelry on my shelf and said what the hell. Also, I almost didn’t buy those leather bow flats because I thought they were fugly. Yet it’s that kind of fugly that haunts you and ends up in your shopping cart the minute you turn your back. They make me feel like a fancy nurse.

Maria Paulina plus size dress

Oh but the print on this dress, guys. I did always appreciate bright goth looks. Maria Paulina is a plus size brand I had never before tried. And while this piece is meant to be a mini dress, I still think my midgety self looks pretty rad in it.

Skeleton bracelet

Maria Paulina plus size dress

So there is more boney goodness in store. I recently saw a friend on Facebook rocking this INSANE spine crown, literally dropped what I was doing to ask her where she got it. She actually modeled it for a friend’s Etsy shop. Said friend let me borrow it for this shoot, which I like to call my heavy metal take on Dia de los Muertos.

Eloquii pom pom dress

Eloquii white gauze dress

How’s that for some ghostly La Llorona vibes? If you hear weeping in your backyard, it me.

Spine crown

JK I’m cloot.

Eloquii red pom pom dress

(All Polaroids courtesy of Jessica Shirley-Donnelly)

I fricken love Polaroids. I feel like every person on Earth should own a Polaroid picture of their mother looking young and fabulous. I know I have a few. Now my spawn will have something to bring out while drunk and nostalgic.

 Shopping Linkies:

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Spinal crown | Custom order from The Bone Cat on Etsy (Follow her on Facebook and IG)





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