The great white hype.

whitecapeblogMy husband, bless him, attempted to buy me a dress for our last anniversary. This exquisite white cape dress from Hey Gorgeous (here in navy) is that dress’ replacement. Points for trying, hubs. This fashion shit is rough.


I wore this heavenly frock to the most appropriate event I could think of–a showing of Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco. Finally, I get to feel like a person who knows how to dress for occasions only by going to the most over-the-top musical on Earth in one of the most coveted cities in the country. This called for a little hand candy action care of this gold geo hand chain from Kitsch.


No cape casualties this time. Only a very cautious seat neighbor who handed me the extra fabric that happened to land on her arm rest, ever. so. gently. and saying repeatedly I JUST DONT WANT TO MESS IT UP I JUST DONT WANT TO MESS IT UP. This is the effect that capes have on people. You are suddenly royalty. Embrace that shit. It’s awesome.





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  1. […] I never say “napes” to capes these days. I almost choked on my gum at first sight of this Rebdolls Garnerstyle collab piece because I thought it was a cape top. However, I find that these unique open sleeves provide a similar effect. And while I tend to kind of hate cold-shoulder styles, this is a little different and still had that night-at-the-opera vibe I got from my cape dress. […]