Sure as sherbet.


You know that scene in Die Hard (this is how my brain works) when Bruce Willis is rigging the plastic explosives to blow up the elevator and as he’s plugging in the detonators he says, “Fuck it” and plugs all of them in? This is exactly what went through my mind and what came out of my mouth when I decided to pair these boots with this fucking amazing skirt and top combo.



It’s the classic dilemma–you’ve got a few new things you’re dying to rock and you can’t decide which to wear first. These ASOS neoprene boots were begging to add a little pop to a camel sweater and cuffed jeans, but that’s just playing it safe. Plus, I couldn’t go another minute not wearing this look from EBV’s Etsy store. Etsy plus size is really coming up these days, let alone amazing 90s vintage finds like this!


The Oliver Peoples Sofee shades (a gift from my wonderful photog and co-worker Whitney Lynn) made for a color combo that says I am clearly not ready to let summer go just yet. It may have been blustery as hell outside but my strut was all coconut oil and rainbow sherbet.






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