Victoria Beckham plus size collection for Target

Spicing Up My Life With Victoria Beckham for Target

I’m a mom. Therefor, you have five seconds to guess where my happy place is. It’s a magical land where I can silence my preschooler with popcorn. Where I can grab a birthday present and a side dish last minute because I don’t have my shit together as a person. Where I can score an entire outfit plus lipstick plus avocados and make my husband regret sending me out for avocados. Target is my zen–my loud, crowded zen. But one thing I never usually get too excited about are Target collections. Cuz fat.

Now, I am kind of an in-betweenie at Target. I can shop the larger straight sizes sometimes. With collections however, unless they have designated plus sizes, I’m often out of luck. Usually it’s because these designers have a personal vendetta against stretch. Sometimes they just have a low-key vendetta against fats. SHRUG.

But not Becks!

Victoria Beckham plus size orange skirt

The Victoria Beckham plus size collection, which is almost identical to her straight size selection, offers up to 3x and 26. Even this is limited in terms of size inclusivity, I know. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that some of these pieces ran 1-2 sized bigger. I had to buy this skirt in a 1x when I am easily a 2.

Victoria Beckham plus size orange skirt

Victoria Beckham plus size orange skirt

I really loved the loud, citrus-y mod vibe of some of these pieces but the pastels were also calling to me. Mint and blush ughhhh. So good. I’ve also been on a pink kick so I pulled the trigger real quick on these shorts.

Victoria Beckham plus size pink shorts

Victoria Beckham plus size pink shorts

Yet, what is the ultimate test of a collection? It boils down to one question–does it have a goddamn romper?


becks7smallVictoria Beckham plus size orange romper

becks7smallVictoria Beckham plus size orange romper

With scallopsssssss. It’s like she knows my weaknesses–dayglow and scallops!!!

becks7smallVictoria Beckham plus size orange romper

*harps and choirs*

becks7smallVictoria Beckham plus size orange romper

Pleased. I haven’t been this stoked since the Who What Wear line and I hope she continues with it. Plus, there is a legit void re-interpreted retro in plus sizes. Other retailers commit too heavily to the aesthetic, which can look costume-y at times. Nothing cheesy about these pieces. I’m sold. 10/10 will buy again.

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7 responses to “Spicing Up My Life With Victoria Beckham for Target”

  1. Lauren. Avatar

    You look amazing in orangr! My favorite is the skirt with the glorious gold polka dot blouse and killer shades!

  2. Dasha Guyton Avatar
    Dasha Guyton

    OMG! This citrus skirt and romper are freakin’ fabulous! I never would’ve guessed you for it in the plus size section at target because it’s so hit or miss.

    Dasha |

  3. Michelle Avatar

    Okay, if it hadn’t been for this post I NEVER would have thought that Beckham’s collection had plus sizes, let alone ones that actually fit plus size bodies comfortably. I ordered the black romper after seeing that your orange one looked so nice. I’ve been trying to find a black romper for months and this is the first one to fit me without squeezing or having my bottom exposed. The fabric is so nice too! Thank you so much for the tip about this collection! I’m so happy!!

  4. Valerie dillon Avatar

    SAY WHAT! I had no idea she had plus sizes! That black and gold polka dot Chiffon button up has me dead. I need it in my life for sure!

  5. Jamie JeTaime Avatar

    I have this romper & love it!!!! Plus I bought more from the line today because they are seriously marked down. I love love love most of the line!

  6. Avatar

    Looking fierce, Mama! ? Thank you so much for this post, I can’t wait to come to the US and get my hands on those beauties : this romper will be mine soon ???

  7. Ashley Morgan Avatar

    You look absolutely gorgeous! I love the first & third outfits. That black top is so my style! Gotta have it.