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Sparkle and Fade

In the past, I have experienced many foiled attempts at fringe. One thing they don’t tell you about fringe is that even when it is easy to put on (when it’s not a fringe-bottomed crop top you have to somehow get over your head without getting little strings stuck in the neck and arm holes and crying until your husband can free you from this shirtmonster), it’s high maintenance to keep those little fuckers untangled. Adding sequin to the mix doesn’t make anything easier but holy crap does it make it more fun.

Nextmia sequin fringe plus size shift dress

Sequin fringe plus size shift dress

I have never felt so twirly in my damn life. And I’ve worn many a circle skirt literally made for twirling. This dress, from a NEW store I just discovered, is what I think a mermaid would wear for her first land date. So it was only fitting that I paired it with the necklace I ordered for last year’s Ursula costume. (Hubs was Ariel.) And the Docs? What can I say, grunge glam is my jam. Also can I just say that I was afraid of being way too sparkly with this much sequin AND endless coats of highlighter? WHY AM I DUMB AND THINK DUMB THINGS.

Nextmia sequin fringe plus size shift dress

Traipsing through the roses. This is why I love Oakland so much. This was not weird at all to passersby. The only downside to that is having to clone stamp many of them out of the background because they give no fucks that I’m trying to be fabulous here so maybe pick up the pace and get out of my shot? No? K.

Nextmia sequin fringe plus size shift dress

Ready to try Nextmia? Right now, this dress is 24% off! Even Vince knows that’s a good deal. 🙂 Also, he was very sad that I changed out of this to take him to the playground. I am raising a boy more fearless than I am, people. Cray. 

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Sequin dress | Nextmia

Ursula necklace | WildflowerSeeds at Etsy

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