Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Sexy Is Not a Size

You guys have already heard me sing the praises of my friend and photog Suma Jane Dark and the life-giving powers of sexy shoots just for shits. With this next installment of “That Boudoir Life,” I will also let you in on the best kept secret in plus-size apparel that is Curvy Girl Lingerie.

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

“Sexy is not a size.” These are the words around which Chrystal Bougon has built her business, which includes both a brick and mortar boutique in San Jose, Calif. and online store at I’ve shopped at Curvy Girl many times for the perfect anniversary or rando hey remember how hot I am piece of naughtiness. They were even sweet enough to name this badass plus-size teddy after me!

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Blue lace plus size teddy

My least favorite parts of shopping for lingerie is not being able to 100% rely on fit when buying online and definitely NOT wanting to talk to a real person face to face because yes, I can post pictures like this but I am still awkward AF when it comes to having a conversation about my underwear. Luckily, the friendly people at Curvy Girl are always there to take your call and answer any questions you have about a product. They also have a very useful sizing page that gives you size recommendations for each brand!

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Fishnet + Fat = WERQ

Hot pink fishnet plus size lingerie

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Don’t ask me why I decided to go so punk rock in this last shoot. Sometimes my teenage rebellion just pops the fuck up for no good reason and I always have something studded or spiked ready to reflect it. Also, when I saw this on the rack, I knew I had boots to match and couldn’t resist.

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

Plus size boudoir shoot by Suma Jane Dark

All photos by Suma Jane Dark. Makeup by Hayley Atherton.

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8 responses to “Sexy Is Not a Size”

  1. Kennedy Whittaker Avatar

    You look amazing and you give me so much inspiration! I’ve been following you on Instagram for awhile now and I just discovered your blog, and I am so happy I did!

    1. mamafierce Avatar

      Aww thank you so much!

  2. Lauren WK Avatar

    You werk it so well mama! This is so inspirational – I’ve never done boudoir but I’ve always wanted to and now you’re making me think that I totally should. You look so confident and empowered and fuckin sexy as hell! Thank you for sharing. Also, your collection of neon is simply astonishing and gorgeous!



    1. mamafierce Avatar

      Thanks so much, bae!

  3. Jessica S-D Avatar

    Hottest babe in the game AS USUAL

  4. Laurel Dickman Avatar

    Not gonna lie…. these are my faves. That makeup combo on you looks so insanely good and these outfits are just goddamn amazing. You do so well in front of the camera. They keep getting better and better! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Halloween boudoir? Elvira anyone?

    1. mamafierce Avatar

      Awww thank you babe!

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