Why Plus Size Pool Parties Are Life

Monif C havana swimsuit in gold
Sami Drasin Photography

You would think that from being a plus size blogger, getting to know other plus size bloggers and designers, and making friends with wonderful fat femmes in the bopo movement, I wouldn’t continue to be so moved by seeing people be unapologetically fat in public as it starts to become a more normal thing.

NOPE. That shit is still magic. And it’s going to be magic for a long time because we still have so much work to do. Because every woman there had to work just a little harder to find a swim suit or bikini than their straight-size sisters. Because every woman there likely struggled with showing their bodies for YEARS and continues to have to be fearless in order to do so because you never know when a fat-shaming troll is going to crash the party. But luckily last weekend at the Golden Confidence pool party in LA, none did.

Priscilla Ono at the Golden Confidence Pool Party
Celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono

Sure, it was amazing to rub elbows with celebs like our host Essie Golden, Tess Holiday and her lovely partner Nick, and the flawless Priscilla Ono. And it was awesome to do so in a slammin gold swim suit. AND the feature in Cosmo was pretty great, too (OMG FUCKING COSMO). But honestly, the best part was witnessing the utter joy and liberation of blindingly fabulous women of many colors and shapes. To see the unrepresented represent. Because, honey, we brought it.

Golden Confidence pool party Los Angeles

I mean, LOOK AT THESE GODDESSES. They made me feel like Prince. It helps that I’m short and sparkly but still. To be surrounded by this kind of beauty and, yes, confidence, was the real gift. Only because we have all been told that we are not worthy of confidence at some point in our lives. Not. Today. Bitch.

BTW, I’m officially addicted to this suit. I got another one…

Monif C white havana swim suit

Monif C white havana swim suit

Monif C white havana swim suit

Monif C white havana swim suit

Monif C white havana swim suit

That makes three cut-out suits (or three opportunities for weird-ass tan lines). But this one takes the cake because I feel like Milla Jovovich in Fifth Element.

Monif C white havana swim suit


Outfit Deets:

Gold Havana swim suit | Monif C (sold out)

Gold jeweled head piece | La Ponce Boutique

White Havana swim suit | Monif C





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