FTM Tip #4: You Need Cute Workout Clothes

Old Navy activewear

Sometimes I feel like I’m “puttin’ on” when I put on real workout clothes. I am clearly not an athlete, I don’t have even have a strict workout schedule (obvi since I have an infant), and do brisk walks around Lake Merritt with a jogging stroller even count as an actual workout? I always feel like one of the real joggers I pass on the street will suddenly stop, point, and scream at me like a bodysnatcher.


But whatever! I sweat. I need wicking fabrics. And while I’m at it, they might as well be cute because they are expensive. Becoming a mom is really making me determined to not use all the available excuses to look craptastic. If I only get to leave the house once a day and that one time is a “workout,” I’m making it count. You’d be surprised the difference it makes! Seriously, it beats my foundation-stained sweats and an old t-shirt.

What I’m Wearing:
Old Navy Activewear shirt, bra, and leggings
Nike Air Max 90s

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2 responses to “FTM Tip #4: You Need Cute Workout Clothes”

  1. Jules Avatar

    That’s something I NEVER invest in, unfortunately. I always find something I’d rather spend my money on. It’s silly, really, because I’m at the gym 4 days a week!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. Saraah Avatar

    I always just use old work t-shirts and stuff, but now that it’s hotter, I’m thinking, like, why don’t I have any TANK TOPS to work out in?! So, maybe my work out tank tops can be as cute as yours. Maybe.