Gold lips graphic tee

Meta Fashion: Golden Kiss

I remember the time I got very “altered” and went to the movies to see Cabin in the Woods. As the plot unfolded to reveal a self-aware horror movie within a horror movie, one of my viewing companions kept muttering in stoney awe, “It’s so meta. It’s just so meta.” That’s the first thing I thought of when I started seeing graphic tees featuring fashion editorials.

Gold lips graphic tee

I of course already had this amazingly glittery gold lip gloss, but I needed a black tipped nail. And because I refuse to get another acrylic set, I had to go the glue-on route. Luckily, Etsy is the solution to all my problems…except my credit card statement.

Dippy Cow glue on nails

This stained glass set was custom-made just for moi and I love them even more because I can take them off when I’m done channeling my inner Maleficent.

Gold lips graphic tee

I’d been waiting to wear this buttery-ass skirt and the tee is also very soft so aside from the heels and talons, I could have lived all day in this look. Plus there are few combinations I love more than the sleek/slob combo. Like a distressed tee with a tailored skirt or a peplum top with slouchy boyfriend jeans. My grunge roots prevent me from having both my northern and southern hemispheres looking proper simultaneously. If they do, there is belly separating them so people have at least some way of knowing I’m a nasty lil’ punk.

Black pleated midi skirt

Black pleated midi skirt

STOP. Giffy time.

Black pleated midi skirt

Stay tuned for more of these meta moments! I had a lot of fun with this one.

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