It’s fall about the dress.


I finally got the chance to wander into the ultimate “shut up and take my money” machine that is known as the ModCloth Fit Shop in San Francisco. Thought I loved this Festive Frondescence dress online. Spoiler alert: Love it even more in person. Had to be mine.


The belt that comes with it is legit–well-made and sturdy. I just didn’t dig it, though. Swapped it with my go-to gold skinny belt.


This dress only reminds and reassures me that my color love affair is far from over just because the clouds are rolling in and sweater weather is on the brink of breaking through our Indian summer any minute. Thank god because I can only take so much camel and greige.





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  1. Valerie Bell Avatar
    Valerie Bell

    OMG I LOVE this dress!!!!!! I have been looking all over for it! ISO