Plus Equals crop top and leggings

Big Moves

So let’s just get one thing straight–I am not an athlete or gym rat. I enjoy occasional yoga to calm my nerves and strengthen my shoulders (which are fucked from a decade of desk work). I love brisk-ass walks along the marina and swimming laps. And when I’m really mad, there is nothing better than blasting The Dear Hunter in my earbuds while pounding away on the elliptical. But I’m not one of those “good fatties,” dispelling the myths of fat = sudden death. Those ladies give me life and they are a treasure to the movement but you should know that I’m not trying to be fraudulent and paint myself as someone who DOESN’T shake like cray whilst in tree pose.

Lucy Activewear extended sizes

I just got lucky with that shot. Also, I’m not even in full tree. Anyway, as a casual mover, as a person who values comfort and cute things to wear whether I am sweating or not, I was excited to try lucy Activewear’s extended sizes. They had prints, they had my size. Sold.

Lucy Activewear extended sizes

Then I got a lot more than I bargained for. These are, hands down, the softest, best fitting, best constructed leggings I have ever worn. Remember Homer in the clown pants?

Homer The Simpsons clown pants GIF


lucy Activewear plus sizes

And this top, guys, it’s got a mesh built-in bra. Which for my D-cups won’t do much during cardio sessions (I’m all over it for yoga though). However, we all know not all fat babes have the burden of big boobs so I just love the option. Plus, it has a zip pocket on the back, which is amazing since all activewear needs fucking pockets OMG why doesn’t all activewear have pockets?

lucy Activewear plus sizes

I legit lived in those leggings for two whole days. They also have hidden pockets in the waistband. Lurve.

This next set I did not buy for the purposes of working out because I think it just might be too fabulous not to hit the town in. But I can’t deny that this would make one amazing yoga ‘fit.

Plus Equals plus size crop top and leggings

Like, come on. I didn’t know it was possible to dress up as a mushroom trip but now that I do, my Halloweens (and Tuesdays) will never be the same.

Plus Equals plus size crop top and leggings

My FUPA is in full effect here and if you’re gonna see its mass and might, it’s GONNA be covered in eyeballs goddamnit. After all, when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you…

Plus Equals plus size crop top and leggings

I just gotta Jazzersize it out.

Plus Equals plus size crop top and leggings

I’ve said this before and I’ve meant it but maybe not as hard as I mean it now after taking these photos but FUCK FLATTERING. My fucking body is flesh, blood, fat, guts, black stuff, angles, lines, shadows, real, imagined. It is what it is depending solely on how you look at it. And when I look at it literally covered in joy, I feel the most connected to it and have no desire to give a fraction of a fuck about what lines may be “out of place.” (OK maybe a fraction but I take that fuck right back. I’m sorry I dangled that little fuck in front of you only to yank it away and say “never mind, I’ll keep this.” That’s rude.)

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2 responses to “Big Moves”

  1. Anali Martinez Avatar

    I LOVE IT!! You look great girl and ready to take on the world! “Fuck flattering!” hahahaha

  2. Jeffrey Segura Avatar
    Jeffrey Segura

    Loved this post! Real AF !