White lace romper and Etsy earrings

White Magik Woman

Maybe it’s all this girl power going around combined with it being almost Halloween, but I’m just feeling some major witchy vibes lately. And when those gothic fashion urges take hold, sometimes they manifest in ghostly whites and blood-red lips.

Forever 21 plus size white lace romper

I bought this white lace romper because I thought it was so preciously 90s, not picturing my first look with it to be this sinister.

Forever 21 plus size white lace romper

What changed the tone were these incredible earrings. Oh, and the unshakable urge to play around with orange eyeliner. Yeah, that was a weird beauty craving. But I gotta say, I’ll be doing that again.

White floral earrings

The last time I was in Portland, I stopped a woman from across the room and screamed WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE EARRINGS. And guess what. She fucking made them! And because the universe provides, she has an Etsy store. Bonus: Etsy is on Ebates! That means you can get Cash Back on this very pair by joining here.

Forever 21 plus size white lace romper

There’s just something so Maleficent about them. They really would feel like they were my horns if it weren’t for their incredible lightness.

Forever 21 plus size white lace romper

Sigh. All this white lace just makes me want to get married again. It is just cruel that it’s only socially acceptable to renew your vows every 10 years DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES MY STYLE HAS CHANGED IN 10 YEARS. For one, I have bangs now. It’s kind of a big deal.

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