Tag: casual looks

  • Rough Around The Edges

    After putting together a few ultra-girly outfits, my inner 16-year-old punk always wants to scramble to the surface. Out came this military-inspired look with some edgy twists. The inspiration of course is this FEED USA tank top from Target. Add a zipper-pocket jean skirt and some leopard booties and I was instantly ready for a […]

  • Instachic: The Dolman Cardigan

    You read other fashion blogs, I’m sure. So you know how impeccable some of these personal stylistas seem to look every single day. But I guarantee you, we all have our scrambling days when makeup isn’t an option, there is no time for a flat iron, and we are even lucky we found our other […]

  • Notorious

    Sweatshirts are definitely near the top of my list of most unflattering pieces of clothing. A few snips at the neck and sleeves are all I needed to turn this awesome men’s Notorious BIG sweatshirt into a sick slouchy tee. Old school meets new fashion. The gold swan flats are also from Urban (similar here). […]