SAHM Tip #6: Baby Carriers Are Accessories

Baby Carriers
Do you normally sport cutesy owls? Why start now?

So I used to call this section of the blog FTM (full-time mom) tips when someone asked me what tips I could possibly have for female-to-male transgenders. And while I think some fabulous MTFs might appreciate some of my fashion tips, I got nothing (but love) for the FTMs, sorry. Hence, I am now going with the classic SAHM (stay-at-home mom) title.


If you don’t already have a baby carrier and are thinking of getting one, first off you should know that if your babe digs it, carriers are pretty boss. There are definitely benefits to hitting the streets with a stroller but baby carriers are perfect for quick trips and more crowded places like public transit or restaurants.

Once you choose a type you’d like to try (whether you decide on rocking the Ring Sling, Moby, Ergo, or Kiddo Cocoon), another important choice follows–color and style. Remember, YOU are wearing this thing, not your baby. In fact, depending on which one you go with, you might just keep it on after taking baby out of it since it might be easier than putting it back on again. By this logic…

A carrier is a fashion accessory. Shop for it like one!

If you normally like to wear cartoon owls or graphic cherry blossom trees, then by all means go with that style–whatever works for you. However, you can also find some pretty wicked prints or you can stick with the classically chic solid black (both of which can provide fantastic camouflage from spills, spits, and poops). Above all, find something that you not only think is aesthetically cute, but something that fits your fashion. It may hold your baby but it reps you!