plus size pants

Pants Party

Shopping for bottoms has been my jam lately for one very important reason: I’m expecting…to keep the extra inches I have gained around my middle for a while as I shed more and more toxic dieting behaviors.

Let me explain! I took an online course called Dare Not to Diet, which is amazing. It made me realize my ED recovery had become very dietesque and suffocating and crazy-making. So as I shed all my food “rules” that once kept me safe but now make me insane, my body is changing in response. And while most of my clothes still fit, tight jeans can be triggering and looser pants are definitely more gentle mentally right now. Also, they are insanely cloot.

plus size palazzo pants

plus size west coast bathing suit

If you’re not wearing your bathing suits as bodysuits rn, you are not getting your money’s worth. In fact, I have yet to wear this one for its intended purpose but I will because LOOK AT THE BACK OMG

plus size west coast bathing suit

Slitted pants are the thing right now and I am so happy to be on this train. This pair reminds me of the movie Angus in the most affectionate way:

plus size side slit pants

I just noticed how “knotty” this look is. Top knot, tee knot, waist knot. I did not plan this. Magic just happens.

I'm not a blogger tee

OK this last one is my favorite:

Plus size wide leg pants

It’s not often I get to rock the collared shirt and statement necklace look but it is one of my top 10 styles.

Plus size wide leg pants

It was also a great opportunity to strap on my super nostalgic platform sandals. Yes, they are lighter than Cool Whip.

platform sandals

Oh and who dis bb?

Plus size wide leg pants

plus size fashion

It’s my ket, Divvy. She does really go with the rust pants.

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