Everyday Sparkle

Inaugural post! So exciting. First, a quick mission statement. This blog is for new mommies that need a little motivation and/or inspiration to keep their stylish juices flowing while raising a tiny human being. Sounds like a tall order but I know it’s possible and totally worth it. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you are the best mom you can be. So join me in this journey. Don’t lose your cool.stacked bracelets

Anyway, onto my first style tip. New moms, you will find that opportunities for wearing your fine jewelry (that growing pile of anniversary and Valentine’s Day gifts that have gotten progressively better over the years as your partner gets a better clue of your taste, thank god) are few and far between these days. You may not be going out to as many romantic dinners or formal occasions but that doesn’t mean your fancier jewels should collect dust.

Stacking your bracelets is not only on trend, it’s also a perfect opportunity to sneak in a little sparkle. Here I took a vintage studded link bracelet and paired it with a gorgeous black diamond bracelet. While their styles are different, they match in color so it does come together nicely. Sparkling drawstring bracelets also provide the essential mix of glamour and casual. This gorgeous piece from Balla Bracelets is encrusted in Swarovski crystals for a stunning shimmer.