Zarape plus size mini skirt

Chubby Chula – Mi Vida Boutique, Los Angeles

It may not look like it on the reg, but my style is rooted in chola. This is thanks to my big sister, cousins and their collective crew that were just the most badass bitches I had ever and probably will ever see. They taught me how to wrap my bun in a bandana, how to sharpen my winged eyeliner to razor points, and that every piece of clothing I could ever need was waiting for me at the army surplus–from baggy Ben’s to a canvas belt with a big “B” on the slide buckle. Although if I needed black house slippers and hoodless windbreakers, I’d have to take my gordita ass to Kmart, homes. But one style staple I never got to embrace from my Mexican roots was the bright, woven tapestry of a zarape.

zarape mini skirt mi vida boutique

These colors, mang. Again, I use things that are totally not neutrals as neutrals, like GOLD FUCKING LEOPARD PRINT, to give them room to pop.

Rue 107 gold leopard print crop top

And pop, they dooo.

Zarape plus size mini skirt

I remember my mom went to Mazatlan with her girlfriends when I was young enough for it to feel like a year even though it was probably a four-day weekend. She came back with a doll wearing a dress just like this skirt. Really wish I had kept. Would have been one hell of a photo opp. Tonta.

Rue 107 gold leopard print plus size crop top

Oh well. Seeing the city in my sunnies almost makes up for what could have been. Anyway, everyone should check out Mi Vida Boutique. They are based in LA and took a custom order on this skirt to accommodate my plus-size culo. All I had to do was email them! Check them out right meow. Also, buy me this pin, pleece:


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